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My Range of Services

Here you will find an overview of all services I provide competently and reliably in the sector "Medical Facilities” in connection with functional and business organisation. If you have any questions with regards to my work please contact me.

  • Design of medical facilities
  • Advice in all function-specific hospital issues
  • Status analysis and site investigation
  • Hospital-oriented benchmarking on a national and international basis
  • Preparation of performance- and function-related operational organisational units as a basis for an organisational handbook
  • Preparation of spatial programmes and functional studies on the basis of latest business organisational findings
  • Process-oriented implementation of hospital-oriented services in space and function
  • Preparation of spatial and functional studies as a basis for the calculation of the investment costs or for further architectural processing
  • Graphic presentation of functional and master plans for medical facilities
  • Constructive design support in coordination with users and authorities
  • Development of functional and spatially dimensioned innovations on the basis of national and international medical findings that are very valuable with regards to medical facilities.

Design of Medical Facilities by Arch. Dipl.-Ing. Heinz Hochstrasser

Institut für Spitalsplanung und medizinische Funktionsplanung (Institute for Hospital Design and Medical Functional Design)

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